BLOX is an independent online shop that sells vintage designer sportswear. Established in a Kingston University dorm room by four students who shared the same interest in contemporary fashion. BLOX has built a global following through its Instagram account in which it primarily sells its second-hand clothing. After three years of buying, selling and trading, BLOX opened a shipping container shop located in Vinegar Yard, London Bridge entitled Independent Traders. The shop brought many of their online following together to create a community-based business.

March 2019. Vinegar Yard, London Bridge.

I designed the branding, advertisement, and identity. This entailed a diverse range of creative tasks, from designing t-shirts to creating a short movie of the production process. With fast-fashion becoming one of the most corrupt and polluting industries in the world, we wanted BLOX to have its contribution by pushing a recycling system, removing the expensive price tags and to establish a strong community through design and fashion.